CBW® Golden Light Liquid Malt Extract

Size: 32 lb
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Product details

Northern Brewer's Briess Golden Light Malt Extract Syrup is made from pale malt with a small amount of CaraPils, which results in a very light color and excellent head retention capabilities.

Our most popular and versatile malt syrup, Briess Gold provides a well-rounded flavor and full body. It is the first choice for British and American pale ales, IPAs, and much more. Approximately 4.0º Lovibond, 1.036 ppg. Our malt jugs are made from BPA-free plastic.

Northern Brewer's Briess Malt Syrups are some of the freshest malt extracts you can buy. Our high rate of turnover -- we package and sell hundreds of gallons every day -- means that the syrup you receive won't have been sitting on the shelf for months. Fresh malt extract makes better beer!

Solids 79% Fermentability 75% Color 4.0 Lovibond

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