Briess Caracrystal® Wheat Malt

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Sweet, smooth, malty, bready, subtle caramel, dark toast, exceptionally clean finish

This wheat malt is recommended for all beer styles that use caramel malts such as IPAs, Pale Ales, low alcohol beers, wheat beers, Bock beers, and session beers where a touch of subtle caramel plus smooth dark toast flavor is beneficial. You can use in any beer style to add sweetness and develop smooth or complex flavors. This malt also works great for improved body, foam and foam retention, flavor, and color.

SRM: 55
Moisture: 4%

Usage Levels / Beer Styles
5-10% Subtle sweetness and flavor with pale orange tones
10-15% Mild sweetness and flavor plus orange tones
15-25% More pronounced flavor with dark orange to mahogany tones

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